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Argyle North West Construction are a quality construction company with a focus on excellence and high client satisfaction.

The Challenge

From a small family company founded back in 1993 to established market leaders, Argyle North West Construction sought a modern and distinctive approach that sets them apart from traditional construction websites typically featuring diggers and high-vis jackets. The prior site failed to communicate why Argyle stands out as experts in their field, prompting the need for a significant change.

Strategy & Discovery

In strategizing the new branding and website for Argyle, our approach was to incorporate the shape, and construction but also modernity. We wanted to make it clear what Argyle does but in a more abstract way.


Argyle sought distinctiveness, prompting us to abstract construction concepts for a unique touch. Subtle decorative elements showcase construction themes throughout, with the 'Argyle' shape ingeniously used for buttons and menu navigation.


We carefully selected fonts that embody the robust foundations and rich heritage of Argyle. The chosen font is strong, sharp, and exudes an industrial feel, symbolizing the resilience and strength synonymous with the construction industry.


Opting for a vibrant turquoise hue ensures Argyle's departure from the more conventional construction companies. This bold choice not only sets them apart but also reflects the brightness of high-vis gear, perfectly complementing the dark site imagery. The eye-catching turquoise will be particularly noticeable on vans and signs, creating a distinctive brand presence.

Provided branding services:

Brand Guidelines

Maintain a cohesive brand image with rules and standards for consistent application of elements across all platforms.

Tone of Voice

Craft a unique brand voice for meaningful audience connection through a consistent and distinctive communication style.

Target Audience

Target and engage your audience, tailoring your approach to meet the needs of those who matter the most.

Brand Positioning

Communicate what sets your brand apart by highlighting its core values, and shaping a distinct identity.

Logo Design

Capture your brand's essence visually with a unique logo that stands out and promotes instant recognition.

Brand Identity

Define your brand's purpose and values, creating a strong and authentic identity that resonates with your audience.


Web Design

The website's primary goal was to captivate visitors and accentuate why Argyle is the best, achieved through a remarkable bespoke animation on the homepage. The site offers a positive and distinctive user journey, ensuring quick access to information with strategically placed calls to action (CTAs). Optimized for both mobile and desktop, the site boasts exceptional responsiveness. Images expand on scroll, providing users with a personalized experience, and putting them in control of their navigation and engagement with the content.

Responsive Design

By seamlessly integrating responsive design principles and interactive functionalities, we crafted a dynamic framework for collaborative exploration. This approach ensured that the end result aligned flawlessly with Argyle’s vision, delivering an immersive user experience that effortlessly accommodated various devices and screen dimensions.

Provided web design services:


Strategise and visualise your digital project's structure and layout, creating a clear development blueprint for a user-friendly design.

Responsive Design

Guarantee a consistent and optimal user experience across several different devices and screen sizes.


Transform ideas into reality with interactive prototypes, offering a preview of UI and functionality before final development.

Web Copy

Capture your audience with impactful, relevant content, effectively conveying your brand message for a positive user experience.

UX Design

Optimise user satisfaction through improved usability and accessibility in the interaction with your website, enhancing the overall experience

UI Design

Craft visually appealing and intuitive interfaces, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user interaction with your digital products.

Web Development

We selected WordPress as the software for this project. Its user-friendly interface, versatile themes, and extensive plugins allowed us to bring Argyle's vision to life.

Digital Marketing


Graphic Design

In strategizing the new branding and website for Argyle, our approach was to incorporate the shape, and construction but also modernity. We wanted to make it clear what Argyle does but in a more abstract way.

"Great design, lots of wow factor which is what we made them choose them."

~ Ben Shaw - Director
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