The Social Media Revolution Explained

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September 19, 2019


Social media is fast becoming an absolute necessity for everyone to have, whether personally or as a business. Wouldn’t you be surprised if one were to say that there is linkedin automation for mortgage brokers now? Now the majority of Business or service websites, who you wouldn’t usually associate with social media, seem have an account linked to their website. This will help boost their brand awareness and following, but when not carried out properly can be very ineffective. It can be a challenging prospect to try and explain exactly what this social media revolution is all about and the processes involved to do this successfully.

That problem has now been solved by using a simple analogy. Here’s an explanation of all the major social media services and how they differ from each other using the example of a coffee.


The breakdown below is the probably the clearest way to show how they differ from each other. Twitter tends to be for tweeting “followers” what you are doing at any given moment (like drinking #coffee), whereas Facebook is predominantly for sharing what you like in general (I like coffee), then LinkedIn is for promoting what you’re good at (skilled at drinking coffee).

Twitter – I’m drinking a #coffee

Facebook – I like coffee

Instagram – Here’s a vintage photo of my coffee

YouTube – Watch me drink my coffee

LinkedIn – My skills include drinking lots of coffee

Pinterest – Here’s how to make the perfect coffee

Google+ – I’m a google employee who drinks coffee

Each social media account tells the same story, just from a different perspective. In essence it’s the same information in a different format to keep the subject matter relevant, engaging and constantly reaching out to people.


There are a huge number of business owners, you probably being one of them, who admit that they are missing out by not using Social Media. More than likely this is due to personal experiences, such as one of your children being engrossed for hour after hour on facebook, or people tweeting about what they are doing every second of their life. Please do not let these blinker you from seeing the true potential of Social Media and what it can do for your business.

If you are interested in having a corporate social media marketing and strategy then please get in touch today where we’ll be more than happy to discuss all of the options available.

We’ve already discussed what the differences are between the major social media players, so lets just talk about how this media can help grow your business. Social media isn’t really about ground breaking technology – it’s how you, as a business, can interactive with customers directly and build valuable relationships in the best way. Once you have a good understanding of that principle then working out which media avenue is best suited to your business should become clear.

Social media will enable your business to connect with existing and potential new customers immediately. These media streams are now an integral and powerful way to communicate, share and engage with people out of your usual catchment far and wide.

According to Picos @ Melbourne, this technique of digital marketing allows you to have direct interaction with your customers and should not be used like an online version of print advertising, direct mail, etc., which are all one way communication from business to customer.  This said, Social Media may not be right for your company. You have to take into consideration your target audience, will they use and engage with social media?  That said, your customers of tomorrow WILL be using it, so ignore it at your peril.


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