Why Is Everything Advertised In Song?

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Listening to the radio in the office, seeing TV adverts and online adverts constantly, we started to notice a trend. Everything is advertised in song! (Well maybe not everything but a lot!)

The proper term is a mnemonic sound, and the dictionary definition is a device (such as a rhyme or acronym) used to aid recall. That all sound a bit complicated but what that means is a sound that is used to help us remember or recognise something.


Catchy tunes are memorable, everyone has suffered the annoyance of having a tune stuck in their head all day! Well if that tune is one that advertises products then the consumer is much more likely to either buy your product, use your service or take your advice. I now often check the calories in any snacks when I am getting my lunch, and that’s simply through hearing a catchy tune once or twice a day on the radio and liking it.

Another benefit of having a catchy tune is that it can be perceived as an audio logo. What I mean by this is when I hear the Go Compare adverts I instantly think of the opera singer with the curly moustache and that they are a comparison site. I would also recognise the company like that if I were to see their logo or even the singer that is on all of the adverts.

By constantly repeating the same message with a familiar face I will always instantly recognise the company by their jingle.


No matter how dull a product or service may seem a song can change that instantly! Who would have ever thought that an antibiotic advert from the NHS would be lighthearted and fun to watch and sing along to? Well, I certainly didn’t, but after watching their advert a few times on the telly I was singing along in no time!

Songs can be a great way to promote your business, products or services. Even if you only advertise online be it Facebook posts or Youtube adverts.


Thinking back there are many adverts that I have found annoying yet I still remember them! When We Buy Any Car launched they had adverts that were in song, and you guessed it they were repetitive and quite simply annoying. But that advertising campaign clearly worked as I and a few others in the office remember the adverts.

Now despite me just saying that, that advertising campaign worked, it also had a negative impact on how I viewed the business. If ever I was watching TV and the adverts came on and that particular advert started to play I would grab the remote and switch to a different channel, even if it was just for the length of that advert. I had seen it and heard it so many times I was sick of it. Now maybe that shows just how petty I was being but annoying adverts like that do gain negative press, and lots of it!

In 2016 Moneysupermarket.com managed to rank 1st and 2nd for the most annoying TV advert of the year, according to the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), with just under 2,000 people actively complaining about their adverts.  (They managed to achieve 2nd place again in 2017!).

Now some might say all publicity is good publicity but we disagree! The aim of any marketing campaign is to gain interest and promote a business or service positively, and no marketing agency wants the headache of dealing with bad press.

We have had experience with marketing songs, and jingles and we work closely with voice over artists having developed the jingle for MyCarNeedsA.com which you can hear at the end of their adverts!

If you need any help with your advertising or advice on current marketing campaigns you are running feel free to give us a call on 01925 759 669 or email us at info@visionsdesign.co.uk

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