7 Easy Blog Ideas To Improve Your Web Presence

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September 15, 2023

‍Need help with easy blog ideas?

Any digital marketing and SEO expert knows the value of posting regular blogs. These easy blog ideas with keyword and information rich content pieces can really drive traffic to a site and increase visibility, particularly in a niche industry – but where should you start?

What type of blogs to write is a topic that many have struggled with, but in this blog we aim to help you along the right path and get you into that mindset!

Niche Blog Articles

As briefly mentioned above, if your business operates in a niche industry this is good for you as you are able to leverage this by creating unique and engaging content.

It is easy to find competitors and see the type of content they are publishing (if any) and then identify the gap in their content and opportunities to think of unique blog ideas, such as answering questions their posts have left unanswered.

An easy example would be: say your industry is artisanal bread making and your competitors have written articles about how different types of bread are made and mentioned different flour types or ingredients. You could write an article about the differences between the flour, what grain they are made out of and why each kind is used.

It will add important and interesting extra information that those in your niche will value.

Instructions or DIY articles

It’s a huge achievement to make it through putting together a flatpack without it resulting in a divorce or a fall out! So why not give instructions or simple guides as a blog example?

This is dependent on your industry of course, but any instructions on how to make a project at home whether it is a food recipe, how to make a certain craft, details on a certain methodology or way of doing something, these posts always do well especially if they feature images or a produced video showing a step-by-step process of how it is achieved.

Refreshing/rewriting older blog articles

If you have older content present on your blog, it might be worth collating them all into one larger master post. This can help to turn smaller and weaker related posts into one large, authoritative and valuable article (depending on the topic).

In addition to this, updating existing articles to be more up-to-date is a good ranking signal for Google as it shows you are keeping up with the times and making a conscious effort to keep your content evergreen.

Taking inspiration from frequently asked questions

Have you been asked the same few questions by customers/potential customers? If so, making articles or even one large article to cover all of these questions will be not only very helpful as a definitive answer, but also be great content to draw new viewers into your site.

If the content is tagged properly and ranks well it could find itself being granted rich snippets by Google, which are when extra data about the page is pulled through to the Search Page.

Beginner Guides

Writing definitive beginner guides on a topic you’re knowledgeable about not only communicates across your skills and passions, it also educates people and will attract people to your site.

If you can create infographics to go along with these guides, the value is doubled as both of these pieces of content are insanely shareable and very accessible.

Analyse your competitors to see if they have any guides and if so, what guides they are missing or what information they have overlooked that you could add value with. This is a vauable part of doing SEO keyword research and any SEO agency would be able to help you with.

Timely Content

With new trends popping up all the time, there’s no doubt that some of these will come up on your radar and whether they are directly relevant or not, there is always an angle that you can approach them from to brainstorm blog ideas in regards to crafting your own content that relates to this.

One brief example would be if you were part of an engineering firm and with Christmas approaching and classic Christmas films coming more into the limelight, you could write an article about whether some of the traps from the Home Alone franchise are mechanically feasible and if they would work in the real world.

Of course not all ideas have to be this complex –  but if you think of anything you can write about from an interesting and unique standpoint, you should definitely give it a shot!

“A Day in the Life”

Potential and existing customers will always appreciate transparency and some insight into the inner workings of a business, such as internal processes and what a day looks like in a certain role.

Writing articles going into detail about the average day of operations, what tasks have to be carried out. You could even try an interview with a new staff member, it helps to build character and add personality to your business.

Whatever blog ideas you choose, the most important thing is that you’ve made a start and you post frequently. Keeping your site up to date with rich content helps to build your online presence and increases your chances of being seen when someone pops your name into google. SEO is something that any growing business needs to take into consideration.

Give one of these blogs a go and let us know how they do!

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