Have You Optimised Your Website For Voice Search?

Written by
Visions Team

2020 has been filled with confusing forecasts, revised predictions, and unpredictable trends as this year has seen uncertainty infect every industry in one way or another.

With all this uncertainty, it is hard to know which trends are here to stay and which will just be another fad. In this blog we’re going to tackle a topic that is considered just a trend to some and a major digital shift to others – voice search.

How important is voice search optimisation?

With Google reporting that 27% of the online global population use voice search on mobile, it’s hard to overstate the significance of voice search.

In 2017, voice commerce sales were valued at roughly £0.2 billion in the United Kingdom, this is expected to rise to over £3.5 billion in 2022. This growth is expected to continue well into the future, as 61% of 25-64 year olds say they’ll use their voice devices more in the future, according to research by Review 42.

How to optimise your website for voice search?

To get your slice of the voice search pie, you will need to be doing everything you can to get onto Google’s good books. As most voice search queries only provide users with one result, it is vital that your site has everything in tip top shape so that you stand the best chance of being read aloud. Here’s a few ways of optimising for voice search.

Optimise for page speed

As google is constantly making changes to provide the best possible user experience, it comes as no surprise that Google favours sites that load fast. Because of this, it’s crucial you make sure your site is loading as quickly as possible. To help you solve slow page speed issues on your site, Google provides several tools such as PageSpeed Insight.

Secure your site with an SSL certificate

Google also favours websites that are secured and certified. Having an SSL certificate is one of the simplest ways of achieving this as SSL tells Google that your site complies with all the rules of secure online practices.

Create an FAQ

Crafting clear and concise answers to commonly asked questions within your industry is one of the most proven ways to rank well on google, this is especially the case with voice searches.

Providing clear definitions, succinct facts, and easy-to-understand explanations behind some of the most misunderstood topics within your industry massively boosts your chances of being read aloud.

With voice search popularity only increasing, it’s crucial your website it optimised for voice search. As passionate marketers, we’re masters at implementing SEO best practices to ensure you have the best possible chance of reaping the benefits of voice search. We also specialise in Video production so give us a Call today to find out how we can help elevate your business to new heights!