What's In A Brand Name?

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As a branding agency, we are used to hearing from startups and individuals who are just starting on their business journey. Often, they will come to us with all the components thought through, they’ve done their business plan, arranged finance and are ready to hit go! However, we then get to our final question ‘So, what is it called?’ and we get a blank look or ‘Well we thought of this, but we aren’t sure’.

It’s a tricky one as so much rests on it. All new ideas sound alien and unfamiliar. But once, all new names sounded alien and unfamiliar – yet now are household names no matter how strange they once sounded. Back in the days of inventors and entrepreneurs many of today’s top brands are simply the surname of the founder of the company – or some connotation of this.

You can add a ‘Mr’ to Renault, Citroen, Ford, Hoover Barclays, Boeing, Disney and Costa, and if you were in the right place at the right time could have met them too.

Many companies research the industries they are in and draw from Latin, Greek or international languages to find something unique that has some sort of link to the product or service they are providing. The drinks giant Diageo brought from the Latin ‘dies’ meaning ‘day’ and the greek root ‘geo-’ meaning ‘world’ to create Diageo to match with the company slogan of ‘Celebrate Life, Every Day, Everywhere’.

Similarly, the car brand Lexus seems so familiar now but the word didn’t exist in the English language until 1986. It was created by a brand consultancy blending the Latin ‘luxus’ the French ‘luxe’ to denote elegance and sumptuousness as well as the Greek ‘lexicon’ for language and words. According to experts from around the world and around the world, the new word ‘Lexus’ can be translated into any language and is now renowned as a leader in luxury brands.

The name Visions Design was born from a variety of thought processes. Daniel founder of Visions Design always had a strong idea as to how he wanted the agency to approach things differently and create new ways of looking at things for our clients. It would be too much to try and consider ourselves ‘visionaries’ but we certainly think that we are able to translate ideas into something meaningful. We are able to use our skills to bring the Visions of our clients to life, create successful campaigns and create meaningful relationships.

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