Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns Of 2020 (So Far)

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With 2020 nearly over we thought we’d take a look and see which marketing campaigns we’ve seen that really stood out!

We’ve put together a list of our favourite Marketing Campaigns, from Memes to Big Macs these companies have really nailed it!

McDelivery – Skip The Dishes

This has to be one of our favourite campaigns purely because the artwork used is so clever. McDonald’s created a set of 3 adverts to help promote their new delivery service. They used the strapline ‘Skip The Dishes’.

The 3 meals made from dishes are instantly recognisable and a great way to start the conversation of Mcdonald’s delivered to your door!

Campaign & Images for ‘Skip the dishes’ by DDB Prague

One of Spotify’s most recent marketing campaigns is simple yet effective! Using memes in the format of ‘Me, Also Me’

This campaign worked well as it was simple, easily relatable and fun. It really is the perfect way to communicate with out endless lines of text!

Image by Spotify via Ads of the World

IKEA – Be More Sustainable

Ikea recently released a campaign to try and help reduce the carbon footprint of their customers. They featured digital ads on bus stops around London.

The advert showed the number of steps to the nearest IKEA store and an alternative of which buses to take to get there!

Image Sourced From Focus Campaigns

Burger King – Eat a Big Mac

We’ve already featured McDonald’s so we thought it was only right to shine some light on Burger King.

During the pandemic they asked customers to support all businesses, to help keep staff employed. This is the winner for us. Simple, selfless and effective!

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