How To Utilise Instagram

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There are many different ways you can utilise Instagram, posting content your followers will be interested in and targeting posts to engage with followers can help grow awareness of your brand, increase your followers and ultimately drive more consumers to your brand. Here are some different startegies you can incorporate to your Instagram to grow and engage your followers.

1. Re-posting/regramming

Regramming is posting a photograph taken by someone else, and crediting them by tagging them in both the image and the caption. This way you’re able to use other images you see, and get more people to your page, as well as the person who originally took the photograph it it! Just remember to credit them for the image, otherwise there could be trouble!

2. Influencers

Reaching out to people who have a big influence on others is another great way of increasing your followers and getting more people to view your page. Heard of the phrase ‘Instagram famous’? well it really is a really thing, and the power these people have in continuously growing. Having someone with a high follower rate endorsing your product or service will instantly get their followers excited and interested to find out more; leading them to your page and hitting that follow button!

3. Captions

Caption your photographs well. This is something you don’t often see on Instagram, as people believe the main focus in on the photograph itself, and therefore don’t think about the caption going with it. Some of the most popular people on Instagram caption their images with a story; the story behind the image. Some use funny hashtags or try and engage with their followers by asking a question.


Engaging with your followers is also essential, if someone comments on your image – reply. Even if that’s just thanking them for their comment! Engaging with followers will encourage more people to engage with you, and more engagement builds better relationships and portrays your brand as welcoming. Comment on the same posts your followers are, look at the discover feed and see what else your followers are interested in. Utilise these features, absorb the information and allow this to help you grow by posting images you know will interest your followers, and bring more people to your page.

5. Contests

And finally, have contests! Everyone likes the idea of winning something for free! Some of the most successful Instagram contests involved asking your followers to like a post. Asking your followers to comment on your photo is another option; getting them to answer a selected question, or tell you something, for example ‘Tell us where your favourite getaway holiday would be to and why’. This gets more people engaged, reading other people’s comments and being more inclined to comment themselves.

Ask your followers to tag a certain amount of users to be in for the chance of winning a selected product or service, this way not only is one person being engaged with that post, but for every one person, another 3 will see it.

Another option is to get your followers to regram your photo, and credit you by tagging you in the caption, this makes your image spread across various different people Instagram’s account and will hoping channel more people to your profile, increasing your awareness and followers.

The more you utilise Instagram, and the more you think about what image you post, the caption of which will go with it, and how you’re engaging with your followers, the more followers you will gain, and ultimately the more consumers interested in your brand! We’re here to help you not only understand social media channels such as Instagram, but how to utilise them.

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