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What’s your favourite way of communicating? Why is that your favourite?

What’s your favourite way of communicating between teams? Slack? Skype? Email? I think most people’s favourite way of communicating is the service they use the most. Personally, my favourite is Slack. I use Slack daily and love the feature of having different channels for different projects. But what is your favourite and why? Do you prefer to phone others to communicate? Maybe when you are asking for missing information that you need. Maybe you hate talking on the phone and feel you can describe yourself better in emails? It’s always important to know what your favourite way of communicating is because it helps you to try other methods you would usually never use.

Whatever your favourite way of communicating is we all know that there are 1,000,001 ways to communicate, but why is it so important?

Importance of communication

Why is it important to communicate successfully between teams? Well, this may seem like a silly question with an obvious answer. It’s not! The tools we use to communicate nowadays are so complex yet seamless we can’t remember how we ever coped without them. Without instant messaging, getting any questions answered would take twice as long. Without video calls, meetings would have to be scheduled around everyone’s availability to travel and meet, again, taking heaps of time out of our already busy days.

Back in 2004 the main way people communicated between teams was emails, face to face conversations, or phone calls, there was no Facebook Messenger, that was founded 7 years later in 2011, all thought Skype was founded 2003 I’m guessing you hadn’t heard of it by then! Slack was founded in 2009 and Asana was founded in 2008. Starting to get the picture? Before 2004 the way people communicated was very limited. But it’s not 2004 it’s 2017. (According to Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown we should already be driving flying cars, wearing clothes that dry themselves and eating hydrated pizzas!).

There are now so many ways of communicating were spoilt for choice! But it is still just as important to communicate successfully between teams in 2017 than it was in 2004. Imagine if when you had to ask a colleague to clarify something it took you 3 phone calls and 2 emails back and forth. The beauty of tools like Slack is that you can message a colleague the other side of the world instantly and receive a reply instantly. I think that’s more impressive than clothes that dry themselves and eating hydrated pizzas (maybe not flying cars, that’s cool!).


No matter what tool you use the importance of communication between teams always seems to be overlooked! Whether you prefer communicating face to face or prefer to email others we mustn’t neglect other tools.

We need to adapt to the tools that others are using and master them! I myself am guilty of neglecting other tools, what can I say I like Slack. (But I will and have since starting to write this blog started to use new tools).

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