Why Your Business Needs Branding

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Branding, is it really that important? YES! Just to show you how important branding can be, see if you can tell me which brands the 3 logos belong to.

I bet you got all 3 right, didn’t you?

(Facebook, Starbucks, McDonald’s)

We love branding and getting it right isn’t always easy! So what key points do you need to know before you think about branding?


Colour! Colour is everything! Choosing the colour for your brand is crucial to its success, branding has to portray a message to everyone who sees it, so bare that in mind.

Different colours mean different things in branding. If we use the McDonald's logo as an example, they use red and yellow for their brand because red is said to increase your appitite and the colour yellow is associated with happiness, therefore gets you excited! In recent years, it even encorporated green into it's restaurants, making it seem more peaceful and inviting to sit in.

It's all about colour psychology, which can be intimidating to think about but we promise you, once you understand what colours can trigger key points in your audience, it's easy!

Having an all new asthetic can be a bold but exciting move for any business and that’s the message we want to put across!


Now it’s time to choose a font! The text element of our logo uses the typeface Helvetica. We chose Helvetica as it has stood the test of time!

It was first designed back in 1957 and is still popular to this day, being used worldwide in TV commercials production and even the signs on the NYC Subway system!

Brands like Panasonic, OralB and BMW use Helvetica but all have a slightly different look.


So you’ve decided on your branding, what now? It’s important to get your branding noticed by your clients and customers.

It’s easy to promote your brand online by shoving it in everyone’s face but nobody likes that! (This can have a negative effect on your brand). But how do you do it discreetly?

When we post a photo whether it be a word of the day or a video of our team, we are subtly reinforcing our brand to our followers by featuring our logo! Try it for yourself!

So now you know just what goes into branding! It may sound a little complex and scary but just remember to be bold and excitement will follow!

If you have any other questions or need help with branding for your business be sure to get in touch! We have a team of design experts ready to help your brand get the recognition it deserves!

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