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20th October 2020

After a total rebrand and redesign, our brand-new website is now LIVE! We hope you love it as much as we do!

With client projects and overall day to day operations all coming first, it’s difficult for businesses of all kinds to put aside time to focus on internal updates – especially with all that’s gone on this year!

But every brand needs to be adaptable to be successful, and celebrating our 10th birthday this year, we thought it was about time for a revamp of our own.

Championing our three core values of: time, communication and simplicity, our newly styled website highlights our bespoke services in a bold, unique, and creative way.

Knowing how complex and intricate building websites can be, we applied our tried and tested method of breaking down redesigns into four manageable stages: design, content, development, and testing.

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We decided we wanted our new to be clear and simple as we want to provide our visitors with a helpful and straight forward browsing experience.

Using our refined logo and branding, our senior graphic designer, Michael, minimised loud colours and replaced some text with more imagery to give the site a clean and stylish feel throughout.


We all know that the constantly changing world of digital marketing – while exciting – produces myriad buzzwords and never-ending acronyms. Because of this, it’s harder than ever to sift through the industry’s noise and to understand brands’ core values.

As passionate marketers we want to buck this trend by making our web design clean and clear. To achieve this, we decided to curate our sites content, removing all unnecessary jargon to provide a browsing experience suitable for everyone, regardless of their marketing knowledge or expertise.

This stage was led by our experienced account manager, Jade, she’s reduced all of our sites text and imagery to provide a simplified user experience of our site.


Building a site from scratch makes it more efficient and unique. That’s why our senior Web developer, Matt, used no themes or templates while leading development. This has also made everything on our site fully customisable, enabling everyone at Visions the ability to make updates whenever needed.


With it seeming like new smartphones and browsers are being created and updated every 10 minutes, it’s more important than ever for sites to effectively adapt to a range of phones and tablets.

To ensure our new site is compatible with the latest variety of browsers, smartphones and tablets, Alex – our project manager – made some finishing touches to enable our site to effectively respond to more platforms, devices and web browsers than you can shake a stick at.

Does your site need an update?

We hope you like our new look! With over 10 years industry experience, we’re confident in creating any type of website for any kind of business. So, if you’re wanting a site of your own, we would love to hear from you! Contact us here or book a free appointment to discuss how we can help your brand get to the next level.

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