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Visions Team
March 20, 2024

Our new website is now LIVE!

Amongst client projects and everyday tasks, we managed to set aside time to focus on some well-needed internal updates. It's been 4 years since our last update, and whilst that may not seem too long, we felt it was time for a refresh.

Here's the deal: At Visions, we walk the talk. We're all about adaptability, and to stay on top of our game, we knew our brand needed a facelift. So, yep, we decided to give our website a sleek and modern makeover.

The Old Website

So, you're probably wondering what was wrong with the old website, right? Our old website was simply not cutting it. The landing page was boring and our showreel video took ages to load. The layout of our site was very clunky with harsh sections. Simply put, our website didn't reflect our bold, creative vibe or offer a good user experience.

Our Goal

Our goal was crystal clear: craft a website that's not just clean and modern but sets the bar for the industry. We're not here to follow trends; we're here to set them. To create our new website, we used Webflow, showcasing our expertise in using the website builder.

Our senior web designer took the reigns with this project, designing and developing the whole website. Our MD, Dan and our Lead Designer, Dom, overlooked the project to make sure it was delivered on time.

We had four main goals in mind; Strong Brand recognition, Showcasing our work, User Experience, and Improving SEO.

Strong Brand Recognition

Think KFC, Starbucks and Apple. Instantly recognisable, right? That's the level of brand power we aimed for. We weren't settling for being recognised just for our black-and-white website. When someone hits our homepage, we want jaws to drop. After all, if you don't impress them from the get-go, they're clicking away faster than you can say 'refresh'.

Showcasing Our Work

We pride ourselves on crafting exciting, one-of-a-kind websites and daring branding that constantly makes us proud. But here's the kicker: we weren't quite showcasing our work properly. Our aim? To shine a spotlight on the unmatched quality of our creations and give our clients an unfiltered look at what we're capable of.

We ditched the square grid for a dynamic staggered icon grid. And to make navigating our portfolio even smoother, we introduced a filter button right at the top. Now, users can effortlessly pinpoint case studies tied to the services they're eyeing. It's all about creating a more laid-back user experience, where they can easily explore the array of services we've delivered to each client.

User Experience

Ever been on a website that just felt boring to explore? We get it. Our old site had basic animations, harsh transitions, and dull interactions, so we made it a priority to step up our game.

Let's talk through the changes we made to create that bespoke, seamless user experience.

Micro Animations

Throughout the site, we have incorporated micro animations to really engage users. Buttons will change colour, images will slowly zoom in and if you scroll to the bottom of our page, the cursor changes to an animation! These animations add a whole new level of interactivity.

We also reduced the amount of videos that autoplay in the background. Not only does it make the site more engaging, but it also speeds up load times.

On-Scroll Animations

As you scroll through our website, you will notice subtle animations that only happen on your scroll. Text animates in and images have a parallax effect to create a fluid transition between site sections. Compared to our old design, scrolling through the site is much more seamless, making the user more likely to read on. Just scroll down our homepage to see for yourself!

Adding Colour

Our values are Bold, Unique and Creative, but our black-and-white website wasn't portraying that. We wanted to rebrand but didn't want to lose who we are. Adding gradient colours allowed us to be more like our values and stand out from the crowd without completely changing our traditional colours, black and white.

We used gradient colours to highlight keywords to users as it made them stand out. As you can see, we chose two gradients, purple to blue and green to blue.

Video Ask Bubble

When someone clicks on your website, it's almost certain they will be searching for answers. They will then search your site, maybe go on a page or two and give up. What if they had the answers right there when they clicked? Fast, precise information in 1 click.

This is why we added the Video Ask feature in the bottom right corner of our site. Here, our Head of Operations, Charlie, speaks directly to the customer and guides them where they need to be. At Visions, we prioritise the customer journey so talking to the customer creates a closer relationship and shows a snippet of what our team is like.

Call To Actions

There's nothing more annoying than trying to navigate a website and having to click through several pages before you get where you need to be. We wanted to improve the user's journey by using more prominent calls to action so the user can get to where they need to be within 3 or fewer clicks. Adding to this, our homepage has everything you need on it; book a meeting button, our work, services we provide, who are we and news. Everything on the homepage is one click away, a brilliant and fast user experience.

Improving SEO

Our SEO experts have done some extensive research on the aspect of how to best target content on our website. We took into consideration all research and ensured our website is optimised for search results so our existing and potential clients have no issues finding us! We have also done the less fun work of re-doing some of our existing blogs so they are up-to-date. Give them a read and let us know what you think!

Does your website need a refresh?

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