Is Sustainability One Of Your Company's Objectives?

Written by
Visions Team
April 22, 2022


It can be daunting starting a sustainable journey, whether it’s through your business or at home. There are so many things to do but where to start?

Here at Visions, we’re by no means the expert in this! But we know and value the importance of starting this journey so thought we’d bring you along for the ride!

Starting is probably the hardest part. You need to assess what’s currently going on, where you can make improvements and how you’re going to get there. This can look like a company wide audit where you highlight on a granular level what’s going on.

We started with this – and boy was it worthwhile!

As a result, we’ve highlighted what tasks we can do to reach our goal and in turn, become a more sustainable business.

But, it’s not just that. With many companies picking up on the importance of being sustainable, both for themselves and to make sure they’re pleasing their customers, there’s a lot of greenwashing going around. Greenwashing is a very important point to raise. There are plenty of companies who are doing PR and marketing about their ‘sustainable’ and ‘recycled’ products, but are they paying all their workers a fair wage? Are they investing in businesses that also value sustainability?

So how can you navigate this?

Well, it’s important to have proof of what you’re doing. There are companies that can certify your efforts and award accreditations to prove that you’ve done x, y and z to ensure you’re operating in the proper way.

This also helps a lot of companies stay focused on SMART goals – we all know how important that is! These kinds of tasks will normally fall to employees on top of their day job, so it’s important to have these SMART objectives so everyone can manage their time and efforts.

What’s yours?

So, how can we tackle this mammoth task? The answer is baby steps.

Start with your audit, get an action plan together, and then create your SMART goals in your environmental policy which can all be made concrete by getting certified. You’re not in this alone – you’ve got us! If we all do it together we can make a bigger impact.

Watch this space…

We work with many businesses who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and showcase their journey on their website. If you’ve got a project you’d like to discuss, get in touch with us today.

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