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So you’ve heard great things about social media and you either think it’s not right for your business or you’re unsure if you’re even doing it right.

There are lots of social media platforms out there. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are currently the 3 biggest and most popular so let’s look at how you can get started.


Let’s look at Facebook. Facebook is a great platform to engage with your customers/followers not only can they comment, like and share your content but they can leave reviews about your products or services for all to see. Now that does sound a bit daunting and you may be thinking “what if we get a bad review?”

Well, don’t panic, if you get a negative review or comment the best thing to do is to respond. Remember, everyone who views your Facebook page will be able to see your comment so make sure it represents your business and not any frustration you may have.

Make sure to listen to what the customer is telling you and draft a response that addresses all of the issues raised and how you are going to combat them.

Also if people look through your reviews and see a genuine, understanding response it shows them that you as a business care about what your customers have to say (this goes a long way in most people’s books!).


Now, let’s talk Twitter. Twitter is a fantastic platform for short punchy posts! Twitter only allows you to post 280 characters so you have to make sure what you’re posting is quick, to the point and fun.

Top Twitter Tip – Make sure to use punctuation symbols such as “&” instead of using full words (it helps keep your character limit down allowing you to post more in a tweet). Also, use Hashtags to reach more people on Twitter.


Instagram is a great way to visually show off to your followers. You can post pictures with captions which really shows off your products and services. However be careful with the quality of the images you share on Instagram as no one wants to look through low-res blurry photos when your competitors are posting high-quality images that look amazing!

There are many other social networking sites but for anyone looking to get results from social media and to get maximum impact for their time, we suggest focussing on 2 main sites for now until you have mastered the basics and had some success.

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