The Benefits Of Putting Your Brand On Business Directory Websites

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Business directory websites are online platforms that compile and organise business information within specific industries, categories and regions. Adding your business to a directory website will not only help improve your local SEO but it will also help you build citations.

There are now a wide variety of business directory sites available at a click of the button. In this blog we will go over the benefits of adding your business to a directory website and which directories you should add them to.

Business Discovery

There are over 5.3 billion people using the internet today, which has increased from 3.2 million in 2015. People are now turning to the internet for just about everything, including searching for businesses.

Being listed in business directories improves a business's online visibility. Many people use directories to find products or services, and a presence in these directories ensures that your business is discoverable by a wider audience. Search engines often prioritize businesses listed in directories when displaying local search results (Local SEO).

Gaining trust with consumers

Being listed in reputable business directories can enhance your business's credibility. Users often trust information found in well-known directories, and a listing can contribute to a positive perception of your business. In addition, many business directories allow customers to leave reviews and ratings. Positive reviews can boost your business's reputation, and responding to negative reviews provides an opportunity to address concerns publicly and showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Competitive Advantage

Your competitors are likely listed in business directories. Being present in the same directories ensures that you remain competitive and don't miss out on potential customers who use these platforms for their purchasing decisions. Bonus if you list your business in directories where your competitors are no-where to be seen!

Directory Sites

We know there are hundreds of business directory sites out there, so which ones are the best you might ask? Well Don’t worry because we’ve done the hard work for you, and based on the popularity of the website, how many people use each one, and what information you’re able to add about your business for free, we’ve handpicked the best 5, and told you why!

  • Google my business - A widely used business directory that allows businesses to create and manage their online presence on Google. Information appears in Google search results and Google Maps.
  • Yellow Pages: A traditional and online business directory that covers a broad spectrum of industries, helping users find businesses by category and location.
  • Yelp: A platform that focuses on user reviews and recommendations, helping people discover local businesses and services.
  • Angie's List: Known for its focus on service-based businesses, Angie's List features reviews and ratings to help users find trustworthy contractors and service providers.
  • LinkedIn: While primarily a professional networking platform, LinkedIn also serves as a business directory, allowing users to search for companies and professionals based on industry, location, and other criteria.


Being listed on relevant business directories is advantageous for businesses as it enhances their online visibility, improves local search engine rankings, and provides potential customers with essential information. It also contributes to building a consistent online presence and helps businesses establish credibility within their industry or locality.

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