SEO Or PPC? Here's Why They're Better When Used Together!

Written by
Visions Team
January 7, 2022

Your business website is live and you’ve set aside a marketing budget to boost your digital presence. But you’re not sure whether you should invest in SEO or PPC. Well, if you ask us, we recommend combining both strategies for optimal results.

Here are some of the reasons why combining an SEO Campaign and PPC is a winning digital marketing strategy for your business.

Share Data

Keywords are a critical part of PPC as well as SEO. Without in-depth keyword research and targeted strategy, a PPC or SEO campaign is bound to fail.

But did you know that keyword and performance data could be shared among PPC and SEO campaigns to further solidify your marketing efforts?

By running PPC and SEO campaigns simultaneously, you get access to twice the data. Identify the top-performing PPC and organic keywords with maximum conversion rates and use this data to optimise your strategy.

One shortcoming of SEO is that you can’t really trace your conversions to a specific keyword. However, PPC campaigns do exactly that, generating a ton of performance data for converting keywords.

Not to mention, a Pay Per Click campaign can tell which ad variations are bringing the most conversions. This can help you to optimise the titles and descriptions for your best-performing pages.

Boost Visibility

Not every business has a No.1 ranking in Google search results. If your website is not in the top spots of search engine results, or worse, not even on page one, then relying on SEO alone won’t bring in the traffic you desire.

Even if you are on the first page, a PPC campaign can complement your SEO campaign and boost your chances of driving more traffic to your website. You can also boost your business visability via local SEO and this can improve your business to the local area and beyond.

So if you have PPC ads running alongside organic search listings, wouldn’t it cannibalise organic traffic? Good question! Simple answer is no.

According to the study, PPC ads improve organic traffic by 89%. Search users who see your paid ad are more likely to click on your organic listing in the search results. In essence, PPC ads can improve your organic traffic considerably.

Conclusion – Use SEO and PPC Together

There you have it – for maximum online visibility and optimum traffic boost, combine SEO and PPC. Need help creating your digital strategy? Have a chat with the online marketing specialists at Visions Design!