Paul Rand's unused Ford logo concept is still a hit in 2024

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May 8, 2024

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Paul Rand - known for his iconic designs for big shots like IBM and UPS, Rand's got a lesser-known masterpiece up his sleeve - an unused logo he created for Ford Motor Company back in 1966. With many motor companies like Lamborghini, are updating their logos to fit in with the modern times, let’s uncover the story behind this hidden gem of Paul Rand’s Ford logo and why Ford should reconsider using it almost 60 years later.

rows or Ford's logo evolution over the years
Ford logos over the years

Ford’s current logo has been around since 2003, that’s over 20 years of the same logo. Then you look back at their logo before that and ask, what changed? Realistically, nothing. Back in the 1960’s, Ford commissioned Rand to redesign their logo, take a look at his concept: 

Ford Motor Company | Paul Rand: Modernist Master 1914-1996

Rand's vision for Ford's logo was a breath of fresh air. Instead of the usual uppercase letters and fancy frills, he went for something sleek and understated. The logo had the company name in lowercase, snugly tucked inside a cool blue oval. It was simple yet sophisticated, capturing the essence of Ford's legacy with a modern twist.

Unfortunately, Ford rejected the concept. For what reason? We will never know. But all's not lost! Rand's unused Ford logo still packs a punch in the design world. Its timeless design and modern approach continue to inspire creatives everywhere, showing us that even rejected ideas can be truly genius. Maybe Ford will come around and use the design as inspiration for their rebrand in the future.

The tale of Paul Rand's hidden gem for Ford is a reminder that even the greatest ideas don't always get their chance to shine. 

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