A Guide To Visual Brand Identity

Written by
Visions Team

The first thing that catches attention about a brand is its visual design. When something is visually appealing and grabs our eyeballs, we stop and take notice.

Your brand’s visual identity is the collection of visual elements that translate the mission, purpose and value of your brand to your customers. That includes a logo, brand colours, visual language, fonts and content.


The right choice of colours can set the perfect mood right off the bat. When we see a colour, our brain instinctively attaches a particular meaning to it. This is called the colour theory.

For instance, the colour red is typically used to give a warning, so the moment you see it, your brain is fully alert. Text in green is typically used to deliver good news.

In another environment, blue and red could be used in combination to indicate hot and cold.

Begin by picking the right set of colours and harmonies to represent your brand and the emotions you want to evoke in your audience.


Typography is something that’s not obvious to everyone. A great way to improve the visual aesthetic of your brand copy is to use fonts and typography that can spice things up.

The human brain processes, understands and categorises a lot of visual information. The way your text and visual elements are displayed can have a huge impact on your audience’s decision to pay attention to your brand.

Different colours, weights and sizes can point the consumers to the most crucial places right off the bat.


The use of visual elements can help your audience to understand the information easily and quickly. There are several ways you can visually express your brand’s purpose, identity and intent.

The visual elements could include photos, icons, data presentations, motion graphics and videos. Including these elements will make your brand appeal to everyone and create an enjoyable user experience. Make sure your brand presents information in a way that’s consistent with your brand style.

Your brand’s visual identity is a very important pillar of building a brand. If you need help with improving your brand identity, we’d love to hear from you.

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