What is UX?

As we all live in this wonderful digital world, new ideas and the way in which we use the internet is changing all the time. More and more business are focusing on something called ‘UX’. With large companies having specific departments and budgets devoted to ‘UX’. 

UX?.. What is it, you say? 

UX is a buzz word in the industry, which stand for ‘User Experience’. Which is exactly what companies are trying to learn more and more about. To do this, clients want to understand how users/people use, navigate and buy products on their website.

In some cases, clients have spent thousands developing their website, branding it, designing and building it. So you think you have a great website, but how are people actually using it? OK. you know the site and how it suppose to work, you can look at your Google Analytics. GA has been around for some time as is a great way to understand your users experience, looking at certain pages that users drop off, asking yourself just why are they doing that. Are the Call to Action buttons clear enough? Just because some wonderful designer said it looks great, maybe it does. But is it functional? 

How do you test this with random users who have maybe never been on your website before, how can you get them to give you honest feedback. Getting constructive criticism about your website can be invaluable, and enable you to make small changes to your site that will certainly increase your conversion rate. These small changes are known as ‘CRO’ another buzz word in the digital world, which stands for Conversion Rate Optimisation. 

For example, Apple changed the word FREE in their app store to GET – after months of UX research, changing this one word encouraged users to download more apps. Simple change, delivering huge results!


We are offering our clients videos to GET, UX research of their site. You can see multiple users navigating, using or buy a product on your website and you will see first hand exactly how they use your site! 

All you have to do is like and share our page on Facebook and we’ll do the rest. Thanks. Terms and conditions apply, this offer will only last for the next 7 days. 


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