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Your eyes are drawn to new, fresh, eye catching things. Is your website something your eyes are drawn to? Put yourself in your consumer’s shoes and take a look. Do you know what the website is for? Are you interested? Are you feeling welcomed? You need to be giving off a memorable first impression to make it a lasting one, that’s something we can help you with.


Your homepage should clearly portray your goals and the needs of the consumers, let them know they’ve come to the best place for the right reasons. It should be up-to-date and visually engaging, your website should impress visitors and make them want to stay. Navigation should be simple and easy to understand, you don’t want your consumers confused at where to look, they’ll leave and go elsewhere!

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Your website should be interactive on all digital devices, with a recent survey stating 80% of internet users own a smartphone, if your website isn’t compatible with these devices you will be forgotten about and consumers won’t return.

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Have a look at some creative website designs already out there

To go alongside your up-to-date, eye-catching new website design, it’s now time to engage with consumers and get your brand noticed on a much larger scale. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are forever growing social media channels, with facebook alone having 1.13 Billion users! Are you present on all social media channels? Do you update these on a regular basis? If not you need to start now because this is where the majority of your consumers are, so join them, and they’ll join you!

Businesses can use these platforms to not only grow as a brand, but to build more personal relationships with potential consumers, and connect with people from all around the globe with ease. Increasing your online reputation and becoming a trustworthy brand comes from utilising these platforms and increasing your followers. It allows your brand to stay current, posting relevant and up-to-date news on both your brand itself and selected topics, allowing you to advertise upcoming promotions, deals or events for free! Get more tips from to get  beautiful, custom built WordPress websites.

So is your brand in need of a website re-design? Do you need to increase your online followers? Because if so it’s time to make this a priority. A change today can make a massive difference to your business’s future, and we’re here to help you reach and exceed your goals.

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