Understanding Your Website’s Traffic

Why is it important to understand your traffic?

As with any type of analytics, it’s vital you understand what it all means. Knowing about your traffic is a key part in any businesses online presence especially if you have an e-commerce business! Most companies, start-ups or established ones make a mistake here, as they branch out to a company who helps them only in one aspect for a certain amount of time rather than hiring a business plan consulting company who not only helps to establish a company, but also takes care of it by providing the best marketing strategies and various ways through which the business can thrive. 

If you have a budget and market your business online knowing your traffic can help determine where your budget is spent and what exactly you need to spend it on.

So what types of traffic are there?

Any conversion rate optimization agency would classify traffic into two main types: Organic traffic and paid traffic.

Organic traffic is anyone who has found your website without any help from paid for adverts on Google of social media. This type of traffic is normally from people searching for a product or service they need and your business appears in their search engine.

Paid Search is exactly what you think it is. Any visitors who click onto your website through Google ads or boosted posts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram are classed as paid for. Most adverts cost per click (know as your CPC) every time someone clicks on them.

Where does this traffic come from?

Almost all website traffic comes from Google searches. If your website ranks well in Google which can be improved with Search Engine Optimisation (know as SEO) you will see high levels of organic traffic. Check out https://localbrandadvisor.com/ to get to the top of search engine results.

If you don’t currently use Google ads or social media ads to market your business then this will be the vast majority of your traffic.

You may also get what is known as direct traffic. This is where people don’t search for any keywords and find your business, buy, instead directly type in your website’s link into Google.

Do you know if your site has much traffic?

No matter how good your website might be if you have no traffic it is no use to you at all! Checking your analytics regularly helps you understand how many people visit your site, which pages they are visiting as well as lots more useful information.

If you do find that your website has low levels of traffic don’t panic! There are lots of ways in which you boost traffic.

SEO – SEO is the process of optimising your website to be as visible as possible in Google searches for keyword and phrases that relate to your business and customers. As mentioned above SEO helps your site to rank higher which in turn means more people will see your website, which increases traffic. Unlike other options, SEO isn’t an overnight fix but over time it can really pay off for your business and website.

Want to know exactly what SEO is? Check out our other blog post where we go into more detail.

PPC – This method is an instant fix and can start to drive traffic to your website in a matter of days if done correctly. With PPC, specifically Google AdWords you are able to bid on keywords that you want to appear for. So for example, if we wanted to show in the search results when people type in “Web Design Cheshire” we would bid on that phrase. Whatever our bid id what we will pay everytime someone clicks on our advert.

Each keyword will vary in price with some as little as 10p ranging all the way up to £5, so choose wisely!

We can help you understand your traffic

We can help you analyse your traffic and show you exactly where your traffic is coming from, the time of day most people visit your website, where they are coming from if it is organic/paid for traffic or if they are coming from other to sources such as social media and even the type of device they are viewing your website on.

If you would like to know more about the monthly traffic reports we offer then get in touch or click the button below!