There’s Never Been A More Important Time To Be Online

With industries and times changing every day it is always important to stay ahead of the curve.

Now that things have changed businesses have jumped on that trend and made it work for them. (Offline touchpoints are face to face meetings, business cards. Leaflets, signage, etc, and subsequently, people can’t use these methods with the current covid-19 situation).

With challenges come solutions. Businesses now more than ever need to find affective online solutions to fix their offline issues. Now that businesses can’t rely on face to face meetings, networking groups, physical business cards, etc, they need to evolve.

Why is it important to evolve and focus on online touchpoints?

The places where potential clients see your brand has changed. 20 years ago very few businesses had websites and clients saw your brand either on TV, the radio or in person. (The first public email had only been sent 11 years before that!) Now the number of webpages indexed in Google is at least 4.45 billion. Your customers, clients, brand ambassadors are all online using tools such as LinkedIn, Zoom and Social media so your business needs to be there as well.

By creating these touchpoints you only strengthen your business and your brand.

Many businesses still don’t have Facebook pages, Directors don’t have LinkedIn pages or websites. In this day and age, you can’t afford not to. Each touchpoint is just another way to allow people to contact your business. It allows you to communicate with customers and potential customers so when they need a solution you offer they come to you for help.

How have we changed our touchpoints?

We are using our online management system to manage tasks, track time and update the rest of the team internally and also our clients who can leave messages on tasks. We have used Zoom and Google hangouts more than ever, which allows us to speak to the client’s face to face (via video) and makes it much easier to explain our progress, any bottlenecks we have found and overcome and allows us as best we can to have ‘normal’ meetings while in lockdown.

These are just some of the recent online touchpoints we have adopted to not only help how we function but to help our clients communicate with us.

Let us know how your touchpoints have changed recently!