Does Your Website Need To Be Accessible?

The Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) (No.2) Accessibility Regulations 2018 that came into effect on 23rd September 2018, aims to address the needs of people with disabilities. It is aimed at ensuring public sector websites and apps are accessible to all users and especially those with disabilities.  With compliance required by September 2020 … Continued

Here’s why now is the time to be online

There’s Never Been a More Important Time to Be Online Digital is no longer restricted to being a nice-to-have option or growth engine. In the current situation, for many of us, it perhaps is the only way to do business.  With industries evolving and times changing rapidly, it is crucial to stay ahead of the … Continued

All you need to know about responsive design

Why Responsive Logo Design? You’ve likely heard about “responsive web design”. However, not many business owners know about the need for designing responsive logos.  Today, you can choose from an array of options, when it comes to displaying your logo and they all vary in size. And with screen sizes shrinking and new advertising channels … Continued

There’s Never Been A More Important Time To Be Online

With industries and times changing every day it is always important to stay ahead of the curve. Now that things have changed businesses have jumped on that trend and made it work for them. (Offline touchpoints are face to face meetings, business cards. Leaflets, signage, etc, and subsequently, people can’t use these methods with the … Continued

Visions Design Covid-19 Working Policy

With the recent announcement advising against all non-essential contact, we have taken measures to keep our staff safe and to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus within the community. As of Tuesday 17th March 2020, we have decided that all of our customer support, studio and back office staff will work remotely from home. … Continued

The Tiny Home Foundation

We recently took on a new project to help Tiny Home Foundation build their online presence and improve their branding. We are thrilled to say that we have not only been able to help but also offer support to Tiny Home Foundation and the team on related questions. You can read their testimonial below. “When … Continued

What’s In A Brand Name?

As a branding agency, we are used to hearing from startups and individuals who are just starting on their business journey. Often, they will come to us with all the components thought through, they’ve done their business plan, arranged finance and are ready to hit go! However, we then get to our final question ‘So, … Continued


To Like or Not to Like

Instagram has just taken the seismic step to hide the ‘likes’ count feature in a move to stop users feeling the pressure of social media. The move, introduced in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Japan and Brazil is a test to try and improve the mental health of Instagrammers who become obsessed with their popularity … Continued

Understanding Your Website’s Traffic

Why is it important to understand your traffic? As with any type of analytics, it’s vital you understand what it all means. Knowing about your traffic is a key part in any businesses online presence especially if you have an e-commerce business! Most companies, start-ups or established ones make a mistake here, as they branch … Continued

G-Suite: because every project is possible!

Today’s society is changing in a dizzying way. Each day is different from the previous one. We are living a constant evolution in which everything changes. The way we relate to others changes, the way we do business changes even the way we buy things changes. We are so busy that we even buy online … Continued

Why Is Everything Advertised In Song?

Why Is Everything Advertised In Song?

Listening to the radio in the office, seeing TV adverts and online adverts constantly, we started to notice a trend. Everything is advertised in song! (Well maybe not everything but a lot!) This got us wondering in the Visions office, why? The proper term is a mnemonic sound, and the dictionary definition is a device … Continued

How to Make Social Media Work For You With Our Free Guide

So you’ve heard great things about social media and you either think it’s not right for your business or you’re unsure if you’re even doing it right. If you have dabbled with it a little and haven’t seen the results you were expecting then maybe our Free Social Media Guide is for you! There are … Continued

2017 at Visions Design

It’s been a busy year here at Visions Design, we’ve had lots of new projects go live and even given a few existing projects a facelift! At the start of this year, we redesigned and published Kingdom Of Sweets’ new website.                   We made sure that all … Continued

Video Is On The Rise

Videos are on the rise! At some point or another, we’ve all watched YouTube videos of cats doing funny things or the best ultimate fails haven’t we? In the digital age we now live in, video is everywhere. One of the oldest forms of video advertising is TV adverts, the oldest British TV advert dates … Continued

Why your business needs branding

Branding, is it really that important? YES! Just to show you how important branding can be, see if you can tell me the 3 brands the logos below represent. I bet you got all 3 right, didn’t you? (Facebook, Starbucks, McDonald’s) We love branding and getting it right isn’t always easy! So what key points … Continued

Mobile Marketing, is it really the future?

There are many different types of mobile marketing, whether it be apps, videos, social media sponsored posts or even VR experiences. The choices are endless when looking from a marketing point of view, however, we’re only going to focus on a few key types of mobile marketing.   New tech With new technology ever evolving … Continued

Is Agile Marketing Really That Good?

Image from Ever heard of agile marketing? Many have but many haven’t. In the day and age we live in, so many people are using social media it’s imperative to at least have an understanding of agile marketing and how you can exploit it. Agile marketing is what it sounds like. Quite simply, it’s … Continued

Communication Between Teams

What’s your favourite way of communicating? Why is that your favourite? What’s your favourite way of communicating between teams? Slack? Skype? Email? I think most people’s favourite way of communicating is the service they use the most. Personally, my favourite is Slack. I use Slack daily and love the feature of having different channels for … Continued

How fresh content can help your business

Everyone uses the web to search for businesses or people, whether it’s to search for an address or to look for reviews. Your website is your image; it represents you as a brand. As a result of this, it is very important to keep your website up to date with fresh content. Would you try … Continued