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What is SEO?

What is SEO? SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the technique used to increase the amount of natural visitors to a website by obtaining a high rank in the search results of a search engine (like Google, Bing, etc.) Simply put, it is how people search for things on the internet and setting up your … Continued

Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work Google Apps for Work (previously known as Google Apps for Business) is a suite of cloud computing collaboration and productivity software offered on a subscription basis from Google. Google Apps for Work includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar and Google Docs. Although these products are available from Google free … Continued

skyline london timelapse photography

Time Slice Photography

Photographer Richard Silver has accumulated a series of time slice photography in which he slices a regular photo into many photos all in a different time frame so the photo goes from day to night. The result is very interesting, take a look! This method of photography clearly requires so much patience and focus from … Continued

Make Up in Design

Combining Design and Make Up

I have seen a lot of body paint make up artistry but this guy is definitely up there with the best. Argenis Pinal is a Makeup Artist from California who uses his amazing makeup and body paint skills to change his entire appearance. With the correct lines, shading and colours, he can become any superhero … Continued

Google Logo

What Google can do with a gif file?

Gif files now seem to be the future. You can do some amazing things with a .gif that can really capture your audiences attention. With the likes of all the big names like Twitter, Facebook etc changing there systems to now allow users to post gif files. We now have the like of Google setting … Continued

Cinderella Website Review

Have Courage And Be Kind   I had eagerly awaited the cinema release of ‘Cinderella’ ever since the trailer appeared on YouTube months earlier. At times, I would watch the trailer back-to-back five or six times. The magical music and retelling of such a classic fairytale had me anticipating this movie like an impatient child. … Continued

How Social Media can help you

Like it or not, social media is no longer the ‘next big thing’. It’s here, it’s happening and it’s working for businesses. Do you want increased brand recognition, higher conversion rates and decreased marketing costs? Of course you do, so social media is your key. At Visions we understand that setting up, creating and maintaining a … Continued

Social Media Revolution Explained

The Social Media Revolution Explained

\\ WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA? Social media is fast becoming an absolute necessity for everyone to have, whether personally or as a business. Now the majority of Business or service websites, who you wouldn’t usually associate with social media, seem have an account linked to their website. This will help boost their brand awareness and following, … Continued

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